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Yes, this material is more and more used in this field: that's mainly because of its high resistance to atmospheric agents and hostile environments<\/strong>. Moreover, titanium has a quite attractive natural silver color that can change depending on how the material is treated.<\/p>\n\n

We can find the first applications in this field in Japan back to the early '70s; in Europe the use of titanium in architecture can be attributed only to the 90's, a good example is the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao<\/strong> (Spain).<\/p>\n\n

This museum was inaugurated in 1997 and it is a spectacular building which required 60 tons of titanium<\/strong>. The choice of using the titanium can be considered farsighted, especially based on a economical evaluation which doesn't contemplate just the initial cost of the material itself, but also its duration which is almost eternal<\/strong>.<\/p>","AxFaq":"*RECURSION*"}}}