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Titanium is preferred to other types of material because of its numerous qualitative properties<\/strong> such as lightness, robustness, low heat conductivity, low elastic modulus and high electrical resistance.<\/p>\n\n

On equal resistance and ductility, titanium is lighter than steel<\/strong> and it's highly corrosion-resistant<\/strong> in the majority of oxidative environments. It is also atmospheric corrosion-resistant with any kind of urban and industrial pollution, moreover titanium has a good ductility and workability<\/strong>, in addition to an excellent resistance to traction.<\/p>\n\n

Furthermore, titanium is not toxic, it doesn't contaminate, it's not magnetic, it has a good sound attenuation, it's UV and abrasion-resistant and it has also an excellent thermal inertia and a good workability and weldability level.<\/p>","AxFaq":"*RECURSION*"}}},"AxFaq_1":{"Id":7,"Category":"26e98d2b06ac11ded82892edeb5e647d","IsActive":true,"CreatedAt":"2013-03-20 12:32:39","UpdatedAt":"2013-03-20 12:32:39","SortableRank":2,"AxFaqI18ns":{"AxFaqI18n_0":{"Id":7,"Locale":"en_EN","Question":"What are some current examples of titanium applications?","Answer":"

This material is widely used in different fields<\/strong>, shown below just few examples:<\/p>\n