Titanium Testing

To put on the market titanium material and products of top quality and reliability it is important to check carefully all the titanium characteristics during all the production stages from the supplying of the raw material to the delivery of the finished products.

Test and controls are always carried out according to technical specifications, procedures and quality handbook. A careful control is essential in all the critical situations where each single imperfection could compromis big plants operativity with possible risks for people and the environment.

The market demands high quality titanium products with very low iron and hydrogen percentages: for this reason Titalia realizes on request specific chemical analysis on the composition of the purchased product and verifies the correct composition of the product itself.

Always on request, the material undergoes mechanical tests of tension and resilience and we also realize the “Non destructive tests” like ultrasonic (level II) and  liquid penetrant inspection (level II), in accordance with European international standards UNI EN ISO 9712 and also the American ASNT-TC-1A.

Every step of the processing implies a careful dimensional test using gauges, micrometers, meters and coordinate measuring machine DEA MISTRAL  775.